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April 17-19 Planned Power Outage to Affect Beltsville, Fargo, University Park, All AWS Users

By: Jay Joiner | 04-15-2020

On Friday, 17 April 2020 starting at 9:00pm ET SCINet equipment at the National Agricultural Library will be powered down in advance of a planned power outage to the NAL building. The outage is expected to last for 24 hrs or less. We expect that normal access to SCINet resources will be restored on or before Monday, April 20. Please check Basecamp during the outage period for updates.

The outage will affect:

  • Beltsville, MD (NAL, BARC East, BARC West) SCINet connectivity and local data transfer nodes/cafe machines,,
  • SDWAN connected equipment at Fargo and University Park
  • AWS Authentication for all SCINet AWS users