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ARS SCINet Site Service maintenance 2021/05/24 - 2021/05/27

By:Global NOC | 05-15-2021

The listed assets will be unavailable while contractors perform testing on the elecrtical service switchgear, generators, and turbine. Outages throughout the window are expected. The entire window is reserved.
Planned Start Time(s) [UTC]: Daily 2021-05-24 through 2021-05-27 18:00:00 - 23:30:00 CT [0d 5h 30m 0s] Affected Assets: Site Service AMES ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01550 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01576 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01522 ARSS-AMES-NAL-VLAN-01508 ARSS-AMES-CSU-VLAN-01517 ARSS-AMES-AMES-VLAN-01525 ARSS-AMES-AMES-VLAN-01524 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01577 ARSS-AMES-AMES-40GE-01573 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01553 ARSS-AMES-STNVL-VLAN-01503 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-1577 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01556 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-ET-11 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01554 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01555 ARSS-ALB-AMES-VLAN-01520 ARSS-AMES-AMES-LAG-01526 ARSS-AMES-CLAY-VLAN-01507 ARSS-AMES-AMES-10GE-01557 ARSS-AMES-AMES-LAG-01552 ARSS-AMES-AMES-40GE-01575