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SCINet Events Archive

Below is a list of past SCINet events, not including training activities. You might want to take a look at upcoming events, too. For information about other SCINet events, please see:

01 Dec 2021 · Symposium: AI at the Frontiers of Protein Science for Agriculture

Symposium and conference to learn about how AI is transforming protein science, hear about protein science happening right now at ARS, and discuss new research...

09 Nov 2021 · SCINet and AI COE Fellows Conference 2021

SCINet and AI COE Fellows Conference 2021

19 Sep 2019 · AI and Machine Learning SCINet Conference: Current Uses and Potential to Solve Complex Problems in Agriculture

In September 2019, approximately 40 ARS research leaders, administrators, and scientists met at the George Washington Carver Center in Beltsville, MD for a SCINet-funded conference...