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VPN using the Cisco AnyConnect Client

Note: You need to setup two factor authentication before using SCINet VPN. Follow the instructions here.

Note 2: The address for SCINet VPN is now

The SCINet OpenConnect VPN server is compatible with the Cisco Anyconnect client if you already have that installed. We have tested this with OSX, Windows, Linux, and Android. Use of the SCINet VPN does require 2 factor authentication. If you have not set that up yet please read these instructions and do so before continuing.

First open AnyConnect and enter in the box and click [Connect]

Enter your SCINet Username.

Enter your password with your GA 6-digit code appended to the end. For example if your password is “qwerty” and your GA app is showing “456321” you would enter:


You should now get the welcome banner. This may change over time from what is shown here. Click [Accept]

You are now connected to the SCINet VPN.

On OSX this shows up on the status bar (typically at the top of your screen) like this:

In Windows the notifications will appear in the tray (typically at the bottom of your screen) and looks like this:

In linux there is no notification icon but you should see this window.