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Geneious Software Guide

Ceres has a Geneious Server setup. This server is also providing 20 floating licenses for Ceres users use.


  • The floating license server will only work at USDA sites or via VPN due to firewall restrictions.
  • Geneious and its license server should work through both the regular USDA VPN and the SCINet ocvpn vpn servers.
  • If you do encounter license server issues let us know at

Install and start Geneious

First download the Geneious client from

Install it as usual and start it up.

Geneious will complain about not having a license. Click “Activate a License”

screenshot of Geneious software No License for Geneious R11 popup

On the “Enter Your License Details” screen,

  • select “Use floating license server”,
  • enter in the “License Server” box, and
  • enter 27001 in the “Port” box.

screenshot of Geneious software Enter Your License Details screen

After Geneious is started (see picture below):

  • Click on “Geneious Server” in the list of Sources on the left
    • If you dont see “Geneious Server” in the list of “Sources” you may need to download the “Geneious Server Plugin” from the Geneious Downloads Page
    • Download the plugin then click on the file and it should install itself.
    • It should also be noted that the Geneious Server plugin version must match the version of the Geneious Server itsself. If in doubt update everything to current.
    • Geneious will need to be restarted after installing new plugins.
  • You will see a message on the right “you are not currently logged in to Geneious Server”. Select the “Log in” button.
  • On the “Login to Geneious Server” popup screen:
    • Enter Host name: “”
    • Click the “Use SSL” box. You can leave the port empty, it should fill in 443 on its own.
    • Enter your Ceres username in the “User Name” box, usually firstname.lastname
    • Enter your Ceres password immediately followed by your Ceres GA code in the “Password” box as an example if your password was “MyP@55w0rd” and GA app is showing “123456” you would use MyP@55w0rd123456
    • Click “OK”

screenshot of Geneious software login screen

You should now be connected to the Geneious Server.