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Open OnDemand Interface Guide

Open OnDemand is an intuitive, innovative, and interactive interface to remote computing resources. The key benefit for SCINet users is that they can use any web browser, including browsers on a mobile phone, to access Ceres.


To access Open OnDemand on the Ceres cluster, go to Ceres OpenOndemand screenshot of Open OnDemand Ceres login page The login page, titled SCINet Two Factor Login, prompts for your SCINet username and then your combined password and Google Authenticator code. If your password were password and your code were 123456, your entry for this field would be:


Using OOD

screenshot of Open OnDemand Ceres Dropdowns Banner

Shell Access

To open a shell, select the Clusters dropdown menu and choose >_Ceres Shell Access. This will open a new tab with an interactive console session on the login node.


Open OnDemand includes a file manager. To open it, select the Files dropdown menu and choose the desired directory. Files can be uploaded, downloaded, viewed, and edited all from the web browser.

Interactive Apps

Several interactive apps are available on Open Ondemand, and more can be added later.

To launch an interactive app, select the Interactive Apps dropdown menu and choose the desired app. It will open the My Interactive Sessions page where settings for app can be selected such as the partition or app version to run. screenshot of Open OnDemand Ceres interactive apps configuration page After selections have been made, pressing Launch will submit an interactive job. This job will be displayed as the topmost entry in the My Interactive Sessions page. The bottom of the intaractive app’s job information card will display text saying the job is starting or, if it has already started, “Connect to Interactive App Name.” Press the Connect button to launch the app in a new tab. screenshot of Open OnDemand Ceres interactive apps job card with connect to button highlighted

Logging Out

To log out of Ceres Open OnDemand, click the Log Out button.