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SCINet Analysis

  • CLC Server

    This document assumes that a licensed copy of CLC Genomics WorkBench 22 is installed locally and available to the user.

  • Geneious Software Guide

    Geneious Software Use Guide
  • Jupyter Server

    Jupyter is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that provides an interactive and collaborative environment for scientific computing. This interactive coding environment allows for immediate execution and visualization of code, facilitating on-the-fly data analysis and visualization. It supports over 40 programming languages (including Python, R, Julia, Java, and Scala) and seamlessly integrates with popular data science libraries.

  • Guide to Installing R, Python, and Perl Packages

    The popular R, Perl and Python languages have many packages/modules available. Some of the packages are installed on Ceres and are available with the r/perl/python_2/python_3 modules. To see the list of installed packages, visit the Preinstalled Software List page or use module help <module_name> command. If users need packages that are not available, they can either request VRSC to add packages, or they can download and install packages in their home/project directories. We recommend installing packages in the project directories since collaborators on the same project most probably would need same packages. In addition, home quotas are much lower than quotas for project directories.

  • Rstudio Server

    RStudio is an integrated development environment (IDE) for the R programming language, with limited support for other programming languages (including Python, bash, and SQL).