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Geneious Software Guide

Ceres no longer has Geneious Server. The developer has discontinued that product.

Ceres does provide floating licenses for Geneious Prime which is the desktop client.


  • The floating license server will only work at USDA sites or via VPN due to firewall restrictions.
  • The Geneious Prime license server should work through both the regular USDA VPN and the SCINet ocvpn vpn servers.
  • If you do encounter license server issues let us know at

First download the Geneious client from

Install it as usual and start it up.

Geneious will complain about not having a license. Click “Activate a License”

screenshot of Geneious software No License for Geneious R11 popup

On the “Enter Your License Details” screen,

  • select “Use floating license server”,
  • enter in the “License Server” box, and
  • enter 27001 in the “Port” box.

screenshot of Geneious software Enter Your License Details screen

Geneious Prime can also be accessed via OpenOnDemand which will allow you to run Geneious Prime directly on a cluster node.

screenshot of Geneious in OOD menu screenshot of Geneious in OOD Options screenshot of Geneious OOD launch