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Upcoming SCINet Events

The SCINet initiative is planning to host a number of virtual training/workshop events in the coming months for USDA ARS scientists and collaborators. Information on how to attend these events will be posted on this page closer to the event date.

Event Date Time Location How to Participate
UAS Workshop II: Missions, Operations, and Planning 5/13/2021 1:30-4:30pm CST Virtual For research pilots of sUAS: an overview of vehicle types, regulations, operations planning, flight skill and currency requirements, and reporting. Ensure your organization is prepared to take to the skies quickly, safely, and with a sound approach to gathering research data. Registration capped at 30 participants. Familiarity with the material in UAS Workshop I is expected. You can watch the Workshop I training video on the REE-ARS-SCINet-Media MS Stream Channel (must eAuthenticate to access). Register for Workshop II here. Contact Dixie Cartwright dixie at gri dot msstate dot edu with questions.
Data Wrangling Workshop 5/27/2021 10-12pm CST Virtual This workshop will briefly touch on various common unmanned aerial system (UAS) payloads such as RGB and multispectral imagers, hyperspectral sensors, and LIDAR. It will then provide an overview of how photogrammetry works with RGB/multispectral imagery. A sample processing flow will be demonstrated in two of the popular commercial photogrammetry suites, Agisoft Metashape and Pix4D Pix4Dmapper, producing a reflectance-corrected and georeferenced orthomosaic from each software suite. Register for Workshop here. Contact Dixie Cartwright dixie at gri dot msstate dot edu with questions.

Keep an eye on this page for more info about upcoming events!

For past events, check out the Training Events Archive as well as the Working Group pages (for past workshops).