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SCINet and AI COE Fellows Conference 2021

Postdoctoral Research Fellows funded by SCINet or the AI Center of Excellence through the ORISE Program bring a fresh perspective to the ARS scientist community, while allowing these Fellows to learn through hands-on research under our top scientists. Fellows are funded for two-year terms with the goal to support unit and collaborative research using high performance computing and computational science skills. The SCINet and AI COE Fellows Conference was held on November 9-10, 2021. This conference featured research presentations from the Fellows as well as Fellow-moderated panel conversations on promoting collaboration opportunities.

View the Agenda

Learn more about the Fellows and view their talks.

Photo Fellow Bio
Michael Alcorn
Ph.D. in Computer Science and Software Engineering (Minor in Mathematics), Auburn University, CV
AI COE Mentors: Deb Peters & Brian Stucky
Conference Presentation: Deep learning approaches for modeling spatiotemporal dynamics of a livestock disease
Keywords: Machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms
Research Presentation Recording
Jennifer Chang
Ph.D. in Bioinformatics and Computational Biology minor in Statistics, Iowa State University, CV
SCINet Mentor: Andrew Severin
Conference Presentation: TBA
Keywords: Bioinformatic workflow developer
Research Presentation Recording
Keo Corak
Ph.D. Plant Breeding and Plant Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison, CV
SCINet Mentor: Amanda Hulse-Kemp
Conference Presentation: Breeding Insight OnRamp: Lessons from the first five months
Keywords: Breeding informatics
Research Presentation Recording
Alicia Foxx
Ph.D. in Plant Biology and Conservation, Northwestern University, CV
SCINet Mentor: Adam Rivers
Conference Presentation: Variability accounting methods in metagenomic and amplicon meta-analyses
Keywords: Plant microbiome
Research Presentation Recording
Kerrie Geil
Ph.D. in Atmospheric Sciences, University of Arizona, CV
SCINet Mentor: Deb Peters
Presentation: Selecting climate projections for your research based on climate model performance metrics
Keywords: Climate modelling
Research Presentation Recording
Lucas Heintzman
Ph.D. in Biology, Texas Tech University, CV
SCINet Mentor: Deb Peters
Conference Presentation: Examining land cover dynamics of Chihuahuan Desert rangelands using imagery
Keywords: Ecological connectivity modelling and spatial statistics
Research Presentation Recording
Amy Hudson
Ph.D. in Natural Resources, University of Arizona, CV
SCINet Mentor: Deb Peters
Conference Presentation: Drivers of continental climate and resulting dynamics in agro-ecosystems and vector-borne diseases
Keywords: Climate science, phenology, disease ecology
Research Presentation Recording
Melanie Kammerer
Ph.D. in Ecology, Pennsylvania State University, CV
SCINet Mentor: Sarah Goslee
Conference Presentation: Putting flowers on the map: quantifying landscape floral resources for bees
Keywords: Pollinator and spatial ecology
Research Presentation Recording
Andrew Oliver
Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, University of California Irvine, CV
SCINet Mentor: Danielle Lemay
Conference Presentation: Diet, lifestyle, and microbiome predictors of antimicrobial resistance in a healthy US cohort
Keywords: Nutrition and the human microbiome
Research Presentation Recording
Shawn Taylor
Ph.D. in Ecology, University of Florida, CV
SCINet Mentor: Dawn Browning
Conference Presentation: Deep learning models for identifying crop and field attributes from near surface cameras
Keywords: Phenology and image processing
Research Presentation Recording