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Research highlights from researchers who use SCINet resources are added quarterly. Contact SCINet-Newsletter@USDA.GOV and use this short guide for authors (opens pdf in this browser window).

31 Mar 2022 · Guidemaker: software for CRISPR based gene function discovery

CRISPR-Cas is a powerful tool for gene editing. CRISPR can also be used to discover gene function by disrupting every gene in the genome and...

10 Jan 2022 · SCINet accelerates development of a big-data driven and inter-disciplinary technology platform for soybean post-genomic research

Soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.) is a versatile, nutrients-laden, economically invaluable crop with capacity to restore soil fertility through atmospheric nitrogen fixation. It holds great...

13 Oct 2021 · Putting flowers on the map: Quantifying patio-temporal patterns in floral resources for pollinators

Flowers provide critical nectar and pollen resources to support foraging, learning and memory, and reproduction of pollinating insects, but there are very few large-scale maps...

15 Apr 2021 · Climate driving change: from dryland agro-ecosystems across the globe to the spread of a livestock disease across the western US

Rising global temperatures have cascading effects on Earth’s agro-ecosystems. To better understand and contextualize these effects,

15 Apr 2021 · Faster, Better Metagenome Analysis: One genome, one contig for metagenome samples sequenced with PacBio HiFi reads

All plant and animal species must interact with microbes to survive and thrive.

10 Jan 2021 · SCINet resources for creating livestock reference genomes

As a scientist in USDA-ARS’s Animal Genomics and Improvement Lab, one of our missions is to generate scientific resources used to improve our ability to...

10 Jan 2021 · Selecting Robust Climate Change Projections for Agricultural Systems

Scientists of many disciplines, including agricultural fields, often use climate change projections in their research

10 Jan 2021 · Generating whole-genome data from a single insect: PacBio HiFi genome assembly and HiC scaffolding pipelines for reference quality genomes using SCINet

The damage that insect pests cost to human health and agriculture is enormous. For instance, invasive insects cost ...

16 Jul 2020 · Spatial Disease Modelling on the Ceres HPC

A fundamental need to meet USDA ARS’s Grand Challenge initiative is to improve agricultural production while reducing the impact of the emerging pests, pathogens, and...

07 Apr 2020 · The SCINet-LTAR phenology working group: Improving the accuracy of agriculturally-relevant models to meet growing and changing food demand

Meeting growing and changing demands for food and agricultural products requires models and forecasts that accurately characterize hydrology-soil-climate interactions...

01 Apr 2020 · The ARS Arthropod Genomics Research (AGR) working group: Agency-wide advancement in research capabilities to address stakeholder concerns

Arthropod pests cause damage to crop, livestock and forestry products, as well as ornamental plants and urban structures, that inflicts an economic cost of several...

18 Oct 2019 · Antigenic and genetic evolution of contemporary swine H1 influenza viruses in the US

Influenza A viruses (IAV) that circulate in North American pigs maintain a high degree of diversity determined by the hemagglutinin (HA) gene, especially those of...