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Request SCINet AWS

SCINet provides AWS at no cost to SCINet users with suitable workloads. A limited amount of funding is available annually. Interested SCINet users must submit a SCINet AWS Project Request to be considered for AWS funding.

To Add/Modify AWS Resources for an Existing SCINet Project

Send an email that includes:

  • the name of the project directory (/project/<projectname>/) and
  • the requested changes

to the SCINet Virtual Research Support Core scinet_vrsc@USDA.GOV.

This includes requests for additional funding.

To Request a New SCINet-funded AWS Project

Fill out an application form (eAuthentication required, non-ARS users should contact their sponsor)

Request AWS Project

Requests will be reviewed and projects funded based on criteria such as suitability for AWS versus other SCINet computing resources (e.g., Ceres, Atlas), resource requirements estimated from the project description, and availability of SCINet funding.