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Request Additional SCINet Storage

When a user applies for a SCINet account, they are allocated space on Ceres and Atlas in a /home directory. Each user is allowed 5GB of data in the home directory.

Users are advised to request additional space in the /project directory. Project directory storage is large, fast, not backed up, and can be requested up to 1TB or larger if justified. Project directory storage is good for fast I/O to large data files from compute nodes. The new project requests and request for changes must be submitted by the ARS project’s Principal Investigator (PI).

Users also have access to storage in /90daydata, for which there are no storage quotas. This short-term storage space is ideal for temporary storage of large data files and intermediate results.

To Request a Quota Increase for an Existing SCINet Project Allocation

SCINet users have access to a large short-term storage /90daydata which has no quotas. When requesting a project quota increase on Ceres or Atlas the PI will need to justify the request and explain why using /90daydata is not sufficient.

To request project quota increase for storage on Ceres, Atlas and/or Juno fill out the following application form:

Request Project Quota Increase

Please Note: Only the project manager or the project PI can request a quota increase. Any requests sent by other individuals will be declined.

To Request a New Project Allocation

When requesting additional data storage you will be asked for:

  • a project summary,
  • project end date,
  • and to detail your long-term plan for data in your project directory after your project end date.

To request a new project directory, fill out an application form (eAuthentication required, non-ARS users should contact their sponsor): Request Project Storage