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Request Additional SCINet Storage

When a user applies for a SCINet account, they are allocated space on Ceres in a /home directory. Each user is allowed 5GB of data in the home directory.

Users are advised to request additional space in the /project and /KEEP directories. Project directory storage is large, fast, not backed up, and can be requested up to 1TB or larger if justified. Project directory storage is good for fast I/O to large data files from compute nodes. Keep directory storage is smaller and slower, but is backed up nightly and can be requested up to 100GB or larger if justified. Keep directory storage is good for medium-term storage of analysis results and project software/scripts. It is not recommended to run jobs from a directory in /KEEP .

To Modify an Existing SCINet Project Allocation

Send an email that includes:

to the SCINet Virtual Research Support Core (VRSC) scinet_vrsc@USDA.GOV.

To Request a New Project Allocation

When requesting additional data storage you will be asked for:

To request more storage (new project directory), fill out an application form (eAuthentication required, non-ARS users should contact their sponsor): Request Project Storage