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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Training

Attendees posing in a stairwell at the University of Florida

A group of 30 ARS researchers and 20 researchers from the University of Florida (UF) met in Gainesville, FL in August 2019 to gain experience with various machine learning research techniques through interactive training modules developed by ARS and UF training instructors and modeled after the two day Google Machine Learning Crash course. The live coding lessons and in-class exercises used Jupyter Notebooks, Python, and the Scikit-Learn machine learning library. The training enabled attendees to 1) identify the types of problems that machine learning methods can be applied to, 2) have an understanding of basic concepts like the bias-variance tradeoff, and test/train/validate, 3) have experience applying a few types of classification and regression methods, 4) have a general sense of the methods and software available, and 5) know where to go to continue learning about machine learning. Training materials, including all the lessons can be found on the USDA-ARS / UF Machine Learning Training 2019 website. Contact Adam Rivers for more information.

08/27/2019 - 08/28/2019 · Gainesville, FL · lead: Adam Rivers