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Overview of SCINet Training Resources

One of SCINet’s main objectives is training scientists in computational methods to empower agricultural research. We are doing this in several ways. We offer online and in person trainings, support topic-specific working groups, and provide help, training, and tutorials for scientists.

  • Get Started with SCINet Learning Pathway

    With the expansive list of free training available online, finding the right training to meet your learning needs can be daunting. Take the first steps in getting started with your introductory learning path to help you get started with SCINet. Learn about SCINet, how to sign up for an account, and what is possible when supported by SCINet infrastructure. Then dive in with hands-on tutorials available across multiple searchable platforms to find the information you need for just-in-time learning.
  • Event Calendar

    SCINet, the AI-COE, and other providers regularly host a variety of events and trainings. Information on how to attend these events will be posted on this page closer to the event date. You might want to take a look at events we’ve hosted in the past, too.
  • SCINet Corner

    The SCINet Corner is a recurrent virtual gathering to provide a space for people to meet and discuss SCINet related items.
  • SCINet Tutorial Workbooks

    SCINet and collaborators have developed tutorials and guides to the HPC that are tailored to specific topics and needs.
  • Coursera

    SCINet and the AI Center of Excellence are excited to provide training opportunities through Coursera. While many Coursera courses can be audited for free, ARS scientists and support staff can gain free access to a wider range of courses by applying for a 3-month SCINet-sponsored license. Successful completion of courses and specializations may result in widely recognized certificates and credentials.
  • List of Free Virtual Trainings

    A list of free trainings available to SCINet users sorted by topic. This is not an exhaustive list, but may help you get started.

    We also have instructions on how to access the various learning platforms.