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Useful Links for HPC and Data Management

High Performance Computing

  • The Bioinformatics Workbook created by Andrew Severin and colleagues at Iowa State University has guides and tutorials extending well beyond the bioinformatics community. Researchers of all backgrounds can use the workbook for UNIX command line basics, HPC info, project management tips, and data visualization tutorials. For bioinformatics researchers there is also information on experimental design, genome assembly and annotation, RNA sequencing, variant discovery, and more.

  • Checkout the Iowa State High-Performance Computing website for more guides on compute clusters, UNIX command line, building containers, and data transfer with Globus.

Data Management

Ag Data Commons

  • Ag Data Commons The Ag Data Commons is a public, government, scientific research data catalog and repository available to help the agricultural research community share and discover research data funded by the United States Department of Agriculture and meet Federal open access requirements.

Through the Ag Data Commons, the USDA National Agricultural Library (NAL) provides services to make USDA funded research data systems and data products Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR). Critical functions the Ag Data Commons provides include:

  1. Scientific metadata creation and curation
  2. Public access to data through a catalog of USDA funded research and public APIs
  3. Data repository for long-term archiving (as required to support DOI service)

The Ag Data Commons is a general repository for research data related to food and agriculture, which enables the USDA’s compliance with both public access and open data requirements to make federally funded research data open, accessible, and machine-readable. Services offered increase discoverability for open agricultural research data and provide a repository for data without a discipline-specific repository. Thus, the Ag Data Commons helps USDA-funded researchers find data of interest and meet publisher requirements to provide access to data associated with publications.