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SCINet Policy


Account Request:

To obtain a SCINet account, a SCINet Account Request must be submitted. The approval process depends on the affiliation of the requester.

Terms and Conditions:

All SCINet Users must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Password Expiration:

SCINet passwords expire

Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

SCINet users are required to use second factor when authenticating to SCINet resources.

Security Awareness Training:

Each Non-USDA SCINet account user will atttest to taking Annual Security Awareness Training.

Account Deactivation:

SCINet accounts are subject to deactivation. Collaborator (Non-ARS) accounts expire.

Re-establishing account:

SCINet users whose account has been deactivated for any reason will need to submit a new account request.


Home Directories:

Home directory quota on all HPC clusters is automatically granted to all SCINet user accounts. You have space by default as a user, but you can request Project Allocation.

Job Queues

Job queue policies are described in the User Guide for each of the clusters.

Queue policies are subject to periodic change.


SCINet is a community resource.

Thus, all SCINet users have a responsibility to the other users on the system. There are restrictions on what software you can install.

Data Management

Users are responsible for securing their data.

Certain public datasets are made available to all SCINet users.

  • A Galaxy web-based graphical workflow management system is available to all SCINet users. This is accessible via SCINet login credentials at
  • Public-facing websites are currently not available from SCINet.