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Contact the VRSC

The Virtual Research Support Core (VRSC) is a team of Iowa State University and ARS personnel who manage the maintenance and operation of the Ceres HPC system and provide user support. See the Virtual Research Support Core page for more details.

How and When to Contact the VRSC

Discussion that is relevant to other SCINet users such as questions about the best practices for research computations should be posted on the SCINet Forum message board. Access to the Forum is provided during the SCINet account application process (Apply for an Account).

If your question is related to SCINet policy or development, contact the acting SCINet Program Manager, Stan Kosecki.

Single user operational questions should be emailed to the VRSC at Ceres or Atlas. Support requests for login issues on either Ceres or Atlas should be sent to Examples of the kinds of questions/requests that should be sent to the support email addresses include:

  • I can’t login
  • I’m having problems with a batch script
  • I’m have a problem with storage
  • How do I use software package X?
  • Please update software application X on Ceres.
  • Please add user X to project Y.
  • I need help with script/program optimization or making a program run faster

Again, please note that support requests for login issues on either Ceres or Atlas should be sent to

For new software installation requests, see Request Software Installation on SCINet.

For new SCINet AWS project requests, see Request SCINet AWS.