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Protein Function and Phenotype Prediction Working Group

This working group was formed as the result of a December 2021 SCINet-sponsored symposium, AI at the Frontiers of Protein Science for Agriculture. The focus of the group is to facilitate community and collaboration for use of SCINet resources to advance research activity in protein function, structure, and phenotype prediction. The group is comprised of scientists already using SCINet resources and scientists interested in utilizing SCINet for their research. This group will provide collaborate on workflows, present results, and create training and workbook resources for ARS scientists.

If you would like to join the group, please contact Hye-Seon Kim ( or Carson Andorf (

Working Group Leadership Team Title
Hye-Seon Kim Computational Biologist
Cason Andorf Computational Biologist

Presentation recordings and slides from previous meetings are available to USDA employees in the table below.

Meeting Title Author Recording Slides
2023 AlphaFold Workshop How to run Alphafold with GPU nodes Dr Hye-Seon Kim recording  
2023 AlphaFold Workshop Functional annotation using protein sequences, structures, and embeddings Dr Carson Andorf recording  
January 2023 Quarterly Meeting Protein structure and folding prediction on SCINet. Dr. Carson Andorf recording slides
September 2022 Quarterly Meeting Integrating AlphaFold protein structures in a model organism database. Dr. Carson Andorf recording slides
September 2022 Quarterly Meeting Genome wide identification of Fusarium effector proteins and prediction of 3D protein structures with Alphafold Dr. Hye-Seon Kim recording slides