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Apply To Serve on the SCINet Scientific Advisory Committee

The SCINet Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is seeking a representative from the Southeast Area for a 3-year term.

The ARS Scientific Computing Initiative is in the dominion of ARS researchers, thus the program is in a constant state of gathering and meeting their research needs. The Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is an effort to assure that happens. SAC members represent a broad breadth of scientific research at ARS and membership includes two researchers from each of the five ARS geographic areas, a statistician member, and an “at-large” member. The SAC meets monthly to provide input on planning, educational and communication activities of the SCINet Initiative. There is also opportunity for input on planning and policy initiatives. For example, SAC members created a quarterly SCINet newsletter, facilitated a user-needs virtual meeting with scientific points-of-contact across ARS research units, launched the SCINet website, and hold multiple computation workshops and trainings annually. SAC progress and issues are elevated to the Executive Committee for review and approval.

Please consider sharing your time and talents on the SAC. This is a 3-year term which begins Spring 2023 and will end Spring 2026. Please reply to Kathleen Yeater ( with nomination(s) by Friday February 17, 2023. Self-nominations are accepted. Please provide e-mail contact information of nominees, and the SAC Membership committee will continue with the application process for the SEA representative to SAC.