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High Performance computing. Training. Network improvements.

The SCINet initiative is an effort by the USDA Agricultural Research Service (ARS) to improve the USDA’s research capacity by providing scientists with access to high-performance computing clusters, cloud computing, improved networking for data transfer, and training in scientific computing

You have access

Your location has access now.

No network upgrades are needed. Users can access Ceres and Atlas, our computing clusters, from any ARS location, university or home.

GUI software is available

Graphical software is available.

We offer many graphical programs including Galaxy, CLC workbench and Geneious.

Not just for Biologists

Not just for Biologists.

We are expanding our mission and want to create solutions for people doing research in modeling, chemistry and geospatial analysis. If you need something to meet your needs let us know.


Command line tools are here too.

Use preinstalled software modules, or install our own with Conda or compile them yourself. Containers are supported, too. If you need something to meet your needs let us know.


Storage solutions.

We offer fast data transfer tools like Globus and we are upgrading our clusters to have 7.3 petabytes of storage.


Training is a core mission.

SCINet is more than hardware and cables. A key part of our mission is training ARS scientists in computational methods.

Check out our SCINet-funded research fellowship opportunities for PhD and MS level graduates

Find out how SCINet can enable your Research

Look at our use cases in (genomics, plant breeding, geospatial, hydrology) or contact your SCINet Scientific Advisory Committee representative to learn more. You can get the process started by requesting an account right now.

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