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SCINet Future Scheduled Outages

The table below lists information about planned SCINet outages. See SCINet Forum Announcements page (must have a SCINet account to access) for communications about emergency outages. Visit the Downtime Archive for information about past outages.

SciNet Outages
Date Time System Affected Locations Reason
04/30/2024 - 05/01/2024 6 am CST Atlas All Maintenance

Further detail for each outage is posted in the announcements below if availible.
  • Maintenance · Atlas - All · 2024

    The Atlas compute cluster is scheduled for downtime/upgrade beginning April 30 at 6am Central and lasting through May 1. A downtime is required to repair a chilled water line for the cooling system. Lack of cooling during this repair will necessitate the shutdown of Atlas.

    Taking advantage of this shutdown, the operating system on Atlas will be upgraded from CentOS 7.8 to the Rocky 9.x distribution of Linux. This upgrade will also present a newer software stack. Users may need to recompile their software.

    The Ceres system will not be affected by this maintenance.

    An announcement will be made once the system is returned to operational status.

    Any issues/problems should be addressed to the help desk.

    • Tuesday, April 30 - Wednesday, May 1 · 2024
    • Outage time: 6 am CST
    • Affected Systems: Atlas
    • Affected Locations: All
    • Reason: Maintenance