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SCINet Pollinator Working Group

The SCINet Pollinator working group was initiated in February 2021 with a goal of promoting coordinated, computational research on managed and native pollinators. The group focuses on 1) illustrating the utility of large datasets for understanding and mitigating pollinator stressors and declines 2) facilitating interdisciplinary communication on quantitative methods applicable to pollinator research and 3) connecting USDA-ARS researchers and collaborators to high-performance computing and human resources available through SCINet.

If you would like to participate in the group, please contact Melanie Kammerer to be added to the group’s Microsoft Teams site.

Working Group Leadership Team

Melanie Kammerer, SCINet Postdoc, University Park, PA


August 26-27, 2021: Virtual workshop ‘Leveraging advances in data science to manage and conserve pollinators’

Planning committee: Melanie Kammerer, Amy Hudson, William Meikle, Michael Branstetter, Vanessa Corby-Harris, Karl Roeder, Jay Evans

Approximately 65 participants attended this this two-day, virtual workshop addressing applications of data science methods to pollinator research. The workshop was made up of four thematic sessions: 1) monitoring wild-bee communities, 2) using remote sensing to quantify floral resources, 3) genomics and molecular methods in pollinator research, and 4) digital infrastructure for long-term monitoring of honey bees. Each session featured research presentations followed by participant discussion on the implications of the presented information for better data collection, storage, and integration, new research, and potential applications for machine learning and artificial intelligence, including barriers to using these resources.

Workshop Agenda

Workshop Summary and Synthesis

Recordings of workshop presentations (coming soon!)