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A Quick Guide to getting started with SCINet

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What is SCINet?

SCINet is the USDA-ARS’s initiative for scientific computing. It consists of:

  1. High performance computer clusters for running command-line and graphical programs. There are currently two clusters: Ceres cluster in Ames IA and Atlas cluster in Starkville MS. SCINet also offers AWS cloud computing. See SCINet HPC Systems for more detail.
  2. Network improvements across ARS.
  3. Support for computing through the Virtual Research Support Core (VRSC). See VRSC Support for more detail.
  4. Training and workshop opportunities in multiple areas of scientific computing. See our event calendar for more information.

Users who are new to the HPC environment may benefit from the SCINet/Ceres onboarding video which covers most of the material contained in this guide. Note that /KEEP storage discussed in the video at 16:20 is no longer available. Instead data that cannot be easily reproduced should be manually backed up to Juno. The instructional video at demonstrates how to transfer files between local computer, Ceres, Atlas and Juno using Globus.

User Guides

Use the navgation options or select one of the guides below to get started with SCINet