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Accessing SCINet

If you have recieved your login credentials in an email, this guide will help you get connected to SCINet. Otherwise, please email the Virtual Research Support Core at scinet_vrsc@USDA.GOV for assistance.

  • Logging in to SCINet

    No account? Signup here.

    All users should have received their login credentials in an email. If you have not, please email the Virtual Research Support Core at scinet_vrsc@USDA.GOV.

    If you have not recieved a LincPass or YubiKey, please see the Deprecated Login Procedures page for instructions to access the HPC.

  • GUI Access to SCINet

    If you prefer a graphical user interface, these are some of the options you have to access SCINet.

  • SCINet VPN

    The SCINet VPN will no longer be offered as a service.
    If you have been using the SCINet VPN, please explore OOD for your use cases. Open OnDemand allows for full access to a Linux desktop, all SCINet apps, and cluster controls.

    If you do believe the SCINet VPN is essential to your work, please contact ASAP so we can help find a solution for you and your critical work isn’t delayed.

    Note this is not about the USDA/ARS VPN, just that the SCINet VPN is being shut down.

  • SCINet Nomenclature

    The software discussed and shown in these user guides is largely open source, can run on a desktop, HPC, or cloud environment, and can be installed with software management systems that support reproducibility (such as Conda, Singularity, and Docker). Below is a quick overview of some of the software, hardware, and confusing nomenclature that is used throughout this site.

  • Deprecated Login Procedures

    This page contains deprecated login procedures. If you have a LincPass or YubiKey, you should use the Step-based login instructions.