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SCINet Computing Resources

HPC Clusters on SCINet

Cluster name Location Login Nodes Transfer Nodes
Ceres Ames, IA
Atlas Starkville, MS
  • Differences between Ceres and Atlas

    This guide lists differences between the Atlas and Ceres clusters to ease transition from one cluster to another.

  • External link to the Mississippi State Atlas Guide
  • Cite SCINet

    Add the following sentence as an acknowledgment for using CERES as a resource in your manuscripts meant for publication:

    “This research used resources provided by the SCINet project and/or the AI Center of Excellence of the USDA Agricultural Research Service, ARS project numbers 0201-88888-003-000D and 0201-88888-002-000D.”

  • External computing resources

    In addition to the Ceres and Atlas clusters, there are external computing resources available to the SCINet community, including Amazon Web Services, XSEDE, and the Open Science Grid. These resources may be of interest to SCINet users that require:

    • very large jobs (either numerous small jobs, or many nodes in parallel)
    • special computing hardware requirements (e.g., GPUs, Xeon Phi, extremely-large memory)
    • software that isn’t supported on Ceres (e.g., web apps, relational databases, VMs, Hadoop, Spark, certain commercial software)