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Directory Available


We have a directory available for medium term usage which allows researchers to run multiple jobs against data in this directory over a 90 day period.

This should be faster than using /project , since not everyone will be using it , and it will be kept performant.

To keep this space available for all researchers, and performing well, it needs to be kept at a low level of space. To accomplish this, files will only be allowed on this space for a period of 90 days.
Any file older than 90 days since last access is subject to DELETION. This is permanent and the files cannot be recovered. Make sure that you move files out of this directory well before the time that they will be deleted, as this is automated. If you forget and go on vacation, or get sick, the files will still be deleted.

Just like /project there is no backup for this space. If you need to keep something, use /KEEP/PROJECTNAME

Additional warning: If you download archived files, they may contain files with an access date from long ago. This date will still trigger deletion, so make sure that the files have a new access date. For example, when you untar a .tar or .tgz file, use the -m flag. If you use rsync to the space, do not use the -a flag, as that preserves date stamps.

The name of this space is /90daydata, and it will go live Thursday, 8/27/20 at noon EDT.

The VRSC will create a directory /90daydata/PROJECTNAME for each /project/PROJECTNAME directory, so that there is no confusion among different groups.

There will also be a space /90daydata/shared open to all for the passing of data between project groups. This will be readable by everyone on the system, so only put data in there that is appropriate.