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SCINet Policy Changes


The SCINet Policies document in your home directory on Ceres provides an updated SCINet policy that addresses user accounts, storage space, job and quality of service queues, software, data management, networking, and Galaxy access. Please take the time to read over the document to make sure that you are compliant with all SCINet policies and regulations. A few examples of the changes in SCINet policy include:

1) Accounts will be deactivated if there is one year of account inactivity.

2) Passwords reset after 60 days.

3) Collaborator (Non-ARS) accounts expire after one year.

4) Non-ARS SCINet users must confirm that they have taken Annual Security Awareness Training and at the beginning of each year. The VRSC will send out emails to confirm account status eligibility.

5) To clarify the policy on hardware purchases - when a node is purchased, it belongs to the priority pool and the purchaser has access to the priority queue for the period of the node hardware warranty. The purchaser does not own the physical node, and the property sticker belongs to the SCINet.

6) SCINet is a community resource. Thus, all SCINet users have a responsibility to the other users on the system. There are restrictions on what software you can install.

7) There is a /90daydata folder where you can perform analysis to save resources in your project directory. The data is then automatically deleted after 90 days with no back-up.

These policy changes were approved by the SCINet Policy Committee for the safety of SCINet and to encourage a positive SCINet experience for all users. The Committee is made up of Scientists, Bioinformaticians and IT professionals across ARS. If you have a question or need clarification, please contact the chair of the SCINet policy committee. Details of the SCINet policy can be found on the following SharePoint page.