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SCINet Policy Committee

Since SCINet has now been operational for a few years with many research groups utilizing the HPC environment, effective policies are critically important to successful operations. This committee, formed in 2020 by Deb Peters (former ARS CSIO), makes recommendations to the SCINet Executive Committee on policies and procedures that are relevant to SCINet operations. The committee is comprised of members from various technical backgrounds, with representation from different ARS geographic areas. Membership also includes representatives from Iowa State University (ISU) and Mississippi State University (MSU; where two of the ARS HPC systems are housed) in order to get proper representation and perspective of the issues that need to be addressed. For more information, including how to participate, please contact Jonathan Shao (chair).

Current Membership Role
Jonathan Shao (Chair) Northeast Representative
Steven Schroeder Northeast Representative
Dereck Bickhart Midwest Representative
Corey Moffet Plains Representative
Erin Scully Plains Representative
Joshua Udall Plains Representative
Loren Honaas Pacific West Representative
Stan Kosecki NAL Representative
Curtis Brooks GWCC Representative
Marina Kraeva ISU Representative
Vincent Sanders MSU-HPCC Representative
Chris Lowe Information Security
Deb Peters CSIO