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Arthropod Genomics Research Workshop 1

Provided by: Arthropod Genomics Research Working Group

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Workshop Goals/Deliverables:

  • Build tighter linkages and communication among ARS scientists involved in arthropod genomics research (AGR).
  • Forge new collaborations within ARS by explicitly highlighting current and planned AGR within ARS.
  • Define critical research gaps or strengths of AGR within ARS.
  • Provide a clearer picture of current strengths and weaknesses within ARS relative to cyberinfrastructure, data storage, and analytical resources needed to accomplish ARS-wide goals with respect to AGR.
  • Develop a better understanding of available bioinformatics resources (infrastructure and personnel) within ARS.
  • Train participating ARS scientists in publicly available analysis tools (iPlant) that will facilitate research on high-throughput genomic data.
  • Provide guidance and input for future bioinformatics training of ARS scientists.
  • Define role for NAL in AGR in coordinating data standardization and database integration.
  • Build roadmap to accomplish ARS-wide goals with respect to AGR.
  • Plan movement towards integrative, multidisciplinary, and translational genomics.

09/17/2014 - 09/19/2014 · Beltsville, MD · lead: Brad Coates

Workshop Agenda (opens pdf in this browser window)

Participant List (opens pdf in this browser window)

Breakout Session Questions (opens pdf in this browser window)

AGR Impact on Agriculture Statement (opens pdf in this browser window)