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Arthropod Genomics Research Workshop 2

Provided by: Arthropod Genomics Research Working Group

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Thirty three members of the Arthropod Genomics Research (AGR) community representing all five Areas of the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) convened a workshop charged with building collaborative research communities and improving communication channels in the Agency. Participants assessed how the current knowledge, skills and abilities of the AGR scientists impact the effectiveness of genomic data analyses, and affect the capacity of the Agency to address arthropod-specific challenge areas; 1) Controlling Vectored Diseases, 2) Managing Herbivorous Insects, and 3) Implementing Biocontrol, as well as meet the Grand Challenge of reducing agricultural inputs and environmental impact by 25% while increasing output by 25% by 2025. Participants were charged with forming long-term scientific teams that will support the exchange of scientific knowledge and expertise. The workshop was structured to evaluate gaps in knowledge and communication that currently exist, and to subsequently propose solutions that would increase the capacity of ARS to pursue genomics-based scientific inquiry. This task is aligned with the ARS Big Data Vision aimed to develop a well-trained scientific and technical staff and enhance knowledge, skills and abilities within the ARS workforce.

07/26/2016 - 07/28/2016 · Beltsville, MD · lead: Brad Coates

Workshop Agenda (opens pdf in this browser window)

Participant List (opens pdf in this browser window)

Breakout Session I Exercise: Gap Analysis (opens pdf in this browser window)

Breakout Session II Exercise: Devising solutions within and among Grand Challenge Areas (opens pdf in this browser window)

Workshop Summary Document (opens pdf in this browser window)

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