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2019 Geospatial Workshop

Provided by: Geospatial Research Working Group

A group of over 36 geospatial scientists, post-docs, research leaders, and data managers gathered at the ARS Jornada Rangeland Research Unit in Las Cruces, NM on September 10-11, 2019 to discuss high-performance computing (HPC) issues and artificial intelligence research methods applied to geospatial problems. The group identified computational issues with accessing and using SCINet and the ARS HPC system for geospatial research and also gained exposure to relevant machine learning and deep learning research methods. The workshop resulted in the creation of a SCINet Geospatial Research Working Group to continue identifying and addressing complex computational problems as well as to collaborate on new geospatial research projects.

Workshop Agenda (opens pdf in this browser window)

Participant List with Poster/Presentation Titles (opens pdf in this browser window)

Workshop Notes (downloads Microsoft Word document)

Visit the SCINet-funded Workshops Basecamp for posters, presentation slides, and recordings of the presentations. ARS employees can contact Kerrie Geil for access to the Basecamp project.