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Coursera Training

SCINet and the AI Center of Excellence are excited to provide training opportunities through Coursera. While many Coursera courses can be audited for free, ARS scientists and support staff can gain free access to a wider range of courses by applying for a 3-month SCINet-sponsored license. Successful completion of courses and specializations may result in widely recognized certificates and credentials.

Programs of Study

The ARS-Coursera portal includes Programs of Study related to scientific computing and artificial intelligence from top-tier institutions. The ARS Programs of Study are actively growing catalogues, and Coursera continues to add classes on a regular basis. ARS employees are encouraged to request additional courses/specializations to be added to our portal by sending an email to Note that you should expect to spend 2-3 hours per week on many of these classes, especially for the more advanced courses.

SCINet Program of Study: The courses and specializations included in this program of study focus on general computational and data-science skills. Additional course collections cover topics such as nutrition and climate science.

AI Center of Excellence Program of Study: The courses and specializations in this program of study are varied, ranging from high-level introductory to technical classical machine learning and deep-learning.

Application Process

Click the button below to access and submit the application form. Even though there is no cost to the learner, you must receive supervisor approval to apply for this opportunity prior to completing the form. Coursera licenses are intended for SCINet users, so you will also need a SCINet account to complete the form. Licenses are allocated on a rolling basis and will be active for three months.

ARS Coursera License Application

Additonal questions can be sent to