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SCINet Onboarding (Intro to SCINet)

Users who are new to the HPC environment may benefit from the following Ceres onboarding video:

Ceres Onboarding (Intro to SCINet Ceres HPC) (length 42:13)

Note: /KEEP storage discussed in the video at 16:20 is no longer available. Instead, data that cannot be easily reproduced should be manually backed up to Juno. The instructional video at demonstrates how to transfer files between local computer, Ceres, Atlas, and Juno using Globus.

The onboarding video includes:

  • logging on to Ceres
  • changing your password
  • storage structure
  • basic SLURM job scheduler commands
  • accessing Ceres software modules
  • computing in interactive mode with salloc
  • computing in batch mode with a batch script

The information in this video is also documented in the Ceres User Manual.