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AI and Machine Learning SCINet Conference: Current Uses and Potential to Solve Complex Problems in Agriculture

Provided by: ARS

Beltsville conference attendees posing on the stairs inside the USDA George Washington Carver Center

In September 2019, approximately 40 ARS research leaders, administrators, and scientists met at the George Washington Carver Center in Beltsville, MD for a SCINet-funded conference focused on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in agriculture. The purpose of the event was to learn how AI is currently being used at ARS and to envision the harnessing of AI to transform agricultural research. Presentations included examples of how ARS researchers are using machine learning, deep learning, and AI recommendation systems to improve predictive analytics, decision making, and advance agricultural research. Attendees were also updated on SCINet resources available to ARS scientists. As a result of the conference, ARS researchers are hoping to publish a special issue in IT Professional magazine that highlights current and future use of AI methods in ARS research and the benefits to our stakeholders.

09/19/2019 - 09/20/2019 · Beltsville, MD · lead: Deb Peters

Conference Agenda (opens pdf in this browser window)

Participant List (opens pdf in this browser window)

Poster List (opens pdf in this browser window)

Conference Notes (downloads Microsoft Word document)

Visit the SCINet-funded Workshops Basecamp for posters, presentation slides, and recordings of the presentations. ARS employees can contact Kerrie Geil for access to the Basecamp project.

    • Thursday, September 19 · 2019