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Geospatial Research Working Group

Harnessing SCINet computational resources in geospatial data science to further sustainable and intensified agriculture

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How to Participate

All members of the working group are welcome to participate! We also welcome anyone interested in learning about the working group, SCINet, or geospatial research to attend the introductory Session 1.

Please register before 8/25/2022 to ensure you will receive event updates and be added to the workshop project space on SCINet.

Get Started with SCINet

For this workshop, you will need to have a SCINet account and be able to successfully log in. We recommend applying for an account as soon as possible.

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Workshop Itinerary

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Workshop Goals

The 2022 SCINet Geospatial Workshop continues the efforts outlined from the 2020 virtual workshop and the 2019 workshop held in Las Cruces, NM. The two overarching goals of this workshop are to:

  1. Provide hands-on tutorials on workflows to access the SCINet high-performance computing (HPC) systems and conduct geospatial research at scale.
  2. Foster research efforts that had previously been un-attainable due to computational limitations or technical bottlenecks.

Organizing Committee

  • Heather Savoy, SCINet Computational Biologist, Las Cruces, NM
  • John Humphreys, Research Ecologist, Sidney, MT
  • Pat Clark, Rangeland Scientist, Boise, ID
  • Amy Hudson, SCINet Postdoc, Las Cruces, NM
  • Ryan Lucas, SCINet Data Science Coordinator, Ft Collins, CO
  • Brian Stucky, SCINet Computational Biologist and acting CSIO, Gainesville, FL

How to Participate

Working group members can register here for all workshop events. We also welcome anyone interested in learning about the working group, SCINet, or geospatial research to attend Session 1.

The workshop is split over 11 separate Zoom sessions (as well as a pre-meeting assistance session) that will include:

  • Lightning presentations of geospatial workflow to address agricultural issues
  • Lectures on fundamental material related to geospatial data and parallel processing
  • Hands-on tutorials to assist researchers in utilizing the SCINet HPC systems
  • Collaborative Bring-Your-Own-Problem sessions to discuss your research needs

To follow along with the tutorials you need to already have or apply for a SCINet account and be able to successfully login to your account. We recommend applying for an account by 8/22/2022 at the latest, as the process can take time for final approval. Please note, if you need help accessing your SCINet account you should plan on attending the pre-meeting login assistance session on 8/25/2022 (Session 0), but make sure you have applied for an account in advance of this session.

Please register for the sessions so we can have an idea of how many people will be present at each event. Note, each session will have a separate Zoom link and password so you must register for each session you would like to attend. Calendar events with zoom links will be sent out based on registrations.

Lastly, review the pre-meeting checklist and background information on the Pre-Meeting page to ensure you are prepared for the workshop sessions.