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Session 11: Closing discussion and future planning

Session Rules

  • Chat questions/comments take first priority - Chat your question/comments either to everyone (preferred) or to the chat moderator (Ryan Lucas) privately to have your question/comment read out loud anonymously. We will answer chat questions first and call on people who have written in the chat before we take questions from raised hands.
  • Share your video when speaking - If your internet plan/connectivity allows, please share your video when speaking.
  • Keep yourself on mute - Please mute yourself when not speaking.


  • Review of objectives and content covered
  • Survey: feedback on this workshop
  • Further related training opportunities
  • Discussion of future needs for the working group

Feedback survey

The survey for providing feedback about this workshop will be available here during the session and for a limited time afterwards.

Further trainings

Coming soon: links to suggested trainings. For general information about SCINet trainings, see these opportunities.

Future needs

Summary notes of discussion will be provided here after the workshop.